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A1 is being endlessly trashed by Twitter for cheating on Lyrica, after the vow renewal, as fans blast him for being mad when he was the cheater #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer One person on Twitter said A1 and Lyrica give them Kirk/Rasheeda vibes. Definitely, there are similarities, but Kirk and Rasheeda normally have one season where they do get along. Ever since A1 and Lyrica have been on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," they have fought. Not even just

So, Scrapp and Sierra are really a thing? #LHHATL fans on Twitter are tryna find out! The girls are trying to decide if Scrapp’s fine or not, while the guys want to know how he keeps getting these girls

By Bossyy Staff Writer Three years ago, the "infamous" King family was introduced to the audience of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." They were supposed to be a threat that had everybody scared. Long story short, it's Scrapp and Sas, two of the calmest guys in VH1 history. That's not to say

Karlie is labeled as miserable and still in love with Joc, by Twitter, after she goes after him, and throws a shoe at Kendra; #LHHATL fans say she is mad because Joc is happy

By Bossyy Staff Writer From day one, Karlie Redd has always brought the drama. At times, fans have expressed displeasure with her, as both viewers, and the cast of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" labeled her as "messy." This is a title that Karlie actually owns up to. Clearly, at times, that

Like God getting beat up or something? Scrappy is stupid AF, according to Twitter, as #LHHATL fans are “dead” with Lil’ Scrappy’s reaction to Rasheeda cheating on Kirk

By Bossyy Staff Writer It's been said that Rasheeda and Kirk's relationship is the one the other members of the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" cast admire. That shows just how bad the other cast members are at love. When they went through their drama, Lil' Scrappy was particularly vocal about

Scrappy and Joc are cousins? #LHHATL fans act like they didn’t know Lil’ Scrappy and Yung Joc were kin and Twitter laughs at Scrappy and Kirk’s response to Joc asking if they’d smash Spice

By Bossyy Staff Writer Viewers must've forgotten that tidbit, but it was brought up, a few times, that Lil' Scrappy and Yung Joc are cousins. Specifically, when Momma Dee launched her music career, and got Yung Joc for the "In That Order" feature, it was spoken on. But, people and their