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Kanye and Cudi, Ye and Cudi … Kids See Ghosts is coming on June 8, according to Kanye’s Twitter rant, and fans celebrate, as he gives Charlamagne a preview + His solo album comes on June 1

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer The last time Kanye West dropped an album, it was early in 2016, and he tortured his fans, with that one. Not only did he change the release date, countless times, he changed the album title even more. That run nearly cost him his fan base, as

Bey and Jay are the focus of Kanye West’s hate-filled rant, says Beyonce refused to perform at the #VMAs unless she won, and begs Jay Z to call him; Twitter is in shock [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Throughout the course of his career, Kanye West has been very outspoken. However, he has never quite been like he was after his performance, last night. Always, Kanye feels slighted for never getting the props he deserves, whether that be true or not. 240842

HHV Video of the Week: Kid Cudi ft. Pharrell – “Surfin”

By YRS Jerzy Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer The past month has reminded people to not underestimate Kid Cudi, as he is on a run, right now. Back in 2009, Kid Cudi reached his commercial peak and soon passed his torch to Big Sean. Fast forward to 2016 and Kid Cudi has