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Khaotic is being roasted by #LHHMIA fans on Twitter, who believe the system is designed to get black men, and they also clown him for wearing glasses, saying that doesn’t help him look innocent + Joy says he isn’t her type, but Trick Daddy is?

By Bossyy Contributing Writer These past few episodes of "Love & Hip Hop Miami" have seen Khaotic take on a bigger role. Much of this is due to Khaotic stepping up and trying to be Joy's man. Before that, he was reaching out to Trick Daddy, her ex, asking him for

Bobby Lytes speaks out, after fight with Prince on last night’s “Love & Hip Hop Miami” episode, defending Prince, telling people to stop calling him gay #LHHMIA [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Last night, Bobby Lytes and Prince got into it, once again. All along, fans have said they believe Bobby and Prince have hooked up, at least once. Since "Love & Hip Hop Miami" began, Bobby Lytes has insisted that Prince is not gay. But, Prince has had people