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NBA Youngboy is a free man, but gets roasted for his fresh outta jail look, missing teeth, being compared to Marlon Wayans in a meme, with fans saying he looks like he went broke again, and calling him a “whole Mexican” #NBAYoungboy

By Bossyy Staff Writer Today, NBA Youngboy was released from jail, after spending the bulk of the year behind bars. His time away saw him finally score a radio hit, with "I Am Who They Say I Am," featuring Quando Rondo and Kevin Gates. It took nearly a year for the

Kevin Gates is being labeled as gay or bisexual on Twitter, after he shares a video, where he freestyles and mentions he’s “about d*ck, too,” but people misunderstood what he was saying [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Since 2012, Kevin Gates has dominated the mixtape scene. He began showing up on several lists as the next artist to blow up. But, legal issues kept him from realizing his full potential, as it took three years for his music to hit the radio. In 2016, Kevin

Police want to question Fredo Bang over NBA Youngboy shooting, in Miami

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Since 2015, NBA Youngboy has been putting out viral videos, showing his potential to become a star. Finally, NBA Youngboy broke through, with "I Am Who They Say I Am." That single, featuring Quando Rondo and Kevin Gates, is looking like the summer anthem. While NBA Youngboy

NBA Youngboy and his girlfriend, Kay, were shot at in Miami, with Kay actually being shot in the shoulder, while the bodyguard chased down the shooter, and killed him [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer This summer, NBA Youngboy is positioned to be one of the biggest rappers in the game. He is beginning to command increasing radio play with "I Am Who They Say I Am," featuring Quando Rondo and Kevin Gates. That song may be the one to put him