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Kawhi Leonard talks leading Raptors to NBA championship, but dismisses talk of re-signing, saying “I’ll think about that later” #NBAFinals [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Life changed for Kawhi Leonard, at the hands of the Golden State Warriors. Their first Kevin Durant season saw them focused on avenging their 2016 Finals loss. But, Kawhi Leonard was a man on a mission, capable of stopping that. In 2017, Leonard led the Spurs on

Mama Durant, Wanda Durant, speaks up for her son, Kevin Durant, as social media tries trashing him, after #Game5 injury, and Twitter praises her for telling people they DON’T know him

By Jay Rich Staff Writer One reason Kevin Durant receives as much hate as he does is due to how good of a player he is. Literally, he built the Oklahoma City Thunder from nothing, with the help of Russell Westbrook. His impact is evident, seeing the Thunder without him. A player

Kevin Durant injures the same leg that kept him out for most of the playoffs, and Raptors fans actually celebrated this, despite Lowry telling them no, and KD cursed at one heckler #Game5

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The Golden State Warriors received a miracle, when Kevin Durant was cleared to play for Game 5. All the people who underestimated the Toronto Raptors were fooled. After four games, the Raptors were giving the Warriors the business. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson proved to be no

Kevin Durant roasts Drake, after #Warriors defeat the Raptors in #Game2, calling him out for not talking tonight, after the loss, also calling him a “bum” [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Typical fan stuff, Drake was all over the place, following Toronto's win, in Game 1, over the Warriors. The taunting from Drake led to a tense encounter with Draymond Green. But, the two ended up having dinner, later that night. Drake also gave Steph Curry fits, in