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Twins pregnant by the same guy and get dragged by social media; One of the twins provides an update, setting the story straight, explaining that she didn’t know he got her sister pregnant, and she’d never sleep with her sister’s man + Accuses him of making it something it’s not for fake [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Earlier this week, a story surfaced that was shocking, even for today's time. Now, everybody joked and called Lira Galore and Kaylar Will sisters, when both turned up pregnant at the same time, by the same man. But, this one really had real sisters, like Future bragged

Kaylar Will and Pierre “Pee” Thomas announce the birth of their child, Kaylar with a tweet, and Pee with a post on his IG Story, showing a wristband [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer In December 2018, the CEO of the QC label, Pierre Thomas aka Pee, made major headlines. A behind-the-scenes guy, Thomas was making headlines for allegedly being involved with Yung Miami. All of this was while he and Lira Galore were engaged. Soon, there were rumors of Pee and

Lira Galore confirms pregnancy, showing her baby bump off in new video; Shares IG message, saying she hid the baby to protect the child from the energy out here [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Over the past few years, Lira Galore has become a much-discussed figure in the game. After dating Rick Ross, she got a shout out from Remy Ma on one of 2016's biggest singles. Months later, Lira Galore had a sextape scandal. Lira Galore has been all over

Southside blasts Yung Miami, confirming breakup, saying “I don’t go with that hoe no more,” “nobody cares that you single, nobody gonna wife you anyway, baby shower on the way” [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Following months of speculation, Yung Miami confirmed Southside was the man in her life. This came just days after she told people to stop talking about her and Southside. But, as soon as the two went public, the problems began. Yung Miami, before Southside, was rumored to

At The Same Damn Time! QC CEO, Pee, Confirms That Lira Galore is Pregnant With His Baby Just an Hour After Confirming Kaylar Will Was Pregnant With His Baby Too [VIDEO]

 By Tamantha Staff Writer In the words of Nene Leakes, “whew chile...the ghetto.” Social media is all over the place today and we can thank raw-dogging Pierre “Pee” Thomas for that. Just a few moments after he confirmed that he was the baby daddy of Kaylar Will’s unborn child, he uploads

Lira Galore speaks out after fiancee, Pee, confirms that he is the father of Kaylar Will’s baby: “I’m tired of being bullied and disrespected” [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Over the years, Lira Galore seems like she can't catch a break. Most got to know her, when Rick Ross was engaged to her. The two had so many breakups that the engagement was eventually called off and this led to Ross putting Lira on blast. Lira Galore,