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Yandy, go home! Go to your kids! Twitter ain’t here for Yandy trying to turn up on Kimbella, after finding out about the check, fans call Yandy a liar, who’s always lying, and has a lie #LHHNY

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Tonight, Yandy Smith found herself the odd man out. All season long, and really, dating back to two seasons ago, Kimbella has felt some kind of way about Yandy. At first, it was how she was treated during the wedding, and now it's about the kids'

Safaree Starts Yelling At Breakfast; Fans Say He’s Extra and Rude As Hell After He Mentioned That He Doesn’t Care About The Fact That Juju is Upset At Him For Not Communicating With Her #LHHNY (PHOTOS)

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Safaree is being real extra, and Juju is not here for the negativity! A few seasons ago on Love and Hip Hop, many of us thought that Juju and Safaree were going to be a new couple. That quickly ended, after Juju stated during one of

Cyn Santana Defends Juelz After Rumors Sparked Saying That He Only Proposed Because He’s Going To Jail; Fans Disagree “Nobody Waits Eleven Years” #LHHNHY [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Fans ain't buying this love story! Juelz Santana has been with Kimbella for years and their relationship has been documented by “Love & Hip Hop.” Fans often roast Kimbella for being so dedicated to Juelz when he won’t even marry her.  But, that changed last week