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Jessica Dime has gone from being a stripper to being a housewife and expecting mother; #LHHATL fans give Dime props, on Twitter, for her growth and glo-up, with her being pregnant, she deserves it!

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When Jessica Dime joined "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," in 2015, she was far from a fan favorite. At the time, many fans wrote her off as annoying, as she fell into a bunch of crap. Having a history with Joseline, from their time in Miami,

Erica Mena was doing waaaay too much, tonight, kissing Mimi on the lips, really? #LHHATL fans say Mona needs to just go ahead and hire Joseline back

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Coming into season seven, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is trying something different. After what "Love & Hip Hop Miami" was, the pressure was on "Atlanta" to see what they could do. So, they got a blast from the past, Erica Mena, who essentially replaced Joseline. Erica

Estelita smashed Stevie??? #LHHATL fans aren’t even surprised, nor is Mimi, that Estelita sat on Stevie’s beefcake and they got busy

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Towards the end of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," season six, Estelita was introduced to the show. She was Stevie J's artist, and essentially his replacement for Joseline. Because of this, Joseline got made, and decided to leave the show. Estelita, meanwhile, became friends with Mimi, in

Joseline Hernandez shades “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” about their ratings: “When 1.2 million won’t even cut they on TV” #LHHATL [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Definitely, what separated "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" from the other shows, in the franchise, was Joseline Hernandez's presence. She was for sure, in the mold of Erica Mena, but she made her role her own. A lot of memorable VH1 moments are courtesy of Joseline. Joseline

Stevie J tries to fat shame a fan who comes for him, after he checks Joseline over Bonnie Bella’s name, and the fan tells him to shut up before she tells about the transsexual she has that know him #LHHATL [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Deep down, Stevie J has proven himself to really be a good guy. But, like many other men, he usually thinks with his wrong head, and that's when things get complicated. In six years, of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," he has proven that he does

Erica Mena and Tommie? Previews of next week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” show Erica trying to bag Tommie, but she’s having flashbacks of Joseline #LHHATL [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This week saw something happen that many began to believe the world would never see again. But, the game changed, when Erica Mena made her return to "Love & Hip Hop." Already, Erica Mena has been back on VH1, doing "Scared Famous." Erica Mena returned to "Love

Erica Mena hopped off that plane, and linked up with Jazzy Pha (Jazze Pha) like a boss; #LHHATL fans still see the same storyline and predict she’ll be fighting Estelita over Stevie J, before the season ends

By Ricki Says Staff Writer After three years off, Erica Mena is back, sort of. She isn't on "Love & Hip Hop," as their done for season eight, anyway. But, Erica Mena is back with the franchise, joining "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," where she is effectively replacing Joseline. Ahead of the

Erica Mena is being blasted by “Love & Hip Hop” fans, on Twitter, for doing “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” after they claim she said she was “too good for reality TV,” when she left #LHHATL #LHHNY

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When Erica Mena showed up, in the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" previews, many fans believed she was Joseline's replacement. During the reunion, last season, Joseline quit the show. However, some still expected her to return, as Tommie also "quit," but is on, this season. Erica Mena