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Mariah Lynn, what is a “salt of grain” ? #LHHNY fans roasted TF out of Mariah when she and Kimbella were talking to Jonathan about Yandy, and she told him “take her with a salt of grain”

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Last night, Mariah Lynn was all over the place, ending the episode by fighting Nya Lee. This entire situation began, with this conversation, between Mariah, Kimbella, Jonathan, and Nya. Their conversation was about Yandy, who wasn't even present. Mariah Lynn hasn't had many interactions with Yandy, since

Juelz Santana has decided to take the plea deal in his Newark Airport case

 By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Last night, "Love & Hip Hop" returned, and Kimbella was having the hardest time. Not only are she and Yandy permanently on the outs, so it seems, but her other friends aren't her friends, either. Clearly, Kimbella and Jonathan are done, and she and Juju aren't

Anais is struggling with her music and fans appreciate her being honest about that, but #LHHNY fans still clowned her wigs, and said they didn’t realize she and Ruben were still married + Ruben called her Joseline 2.0?

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer After fighting with Jonathan, Anais came back home and picked a fight with her husband. Remember, even with all the stuff that went down with Anais, and all the men, she was married. Tonight saw both Ruben and Rich Dollaz return to the show. Anais sat down