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LHHNY Fans React To Tonight’s Episode Saying This Was the Most Emotional Episode Yet; From Joe and Cyn Therapy Session To Rich Dollaz Family Issues #LHHNY  [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer This episode was real emotional. For the past few seasons, Love and Hip Hop has been known for it's turned up episodes. From the arguments, to the drinks thrown, down to the crazy fights. This show is known for its wild out episodes. However, this episode had

#LHHNY Fans React To Cyn Santana & Joe Budden Therapy Session With Dr. Jenn; “This Scene Was Hard To Watch” #LHHNY [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer LHHNY favorite couple, Joe Budden and Cyn Santana seek therapy. This season, Joe and Cyn are going through some issues within their relationship. The two, haven't been seeing eye to eye on many things, especially when it comes to spending time with one another. Last episode, during

Rihanna reached out to Cyn Santana to “provide comfort” after Twitter backlash over her comments about black women on Angela Yee’s podcast? Joe Budden thanked Rihanna for comforting Cyn on #TheJoeBuddenPodcast [AUDIO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Before reality TV, Cyn Santana was a video vixen, who did videos for many of the biggest names. Being exposed to major celebrities likely led to relationships being formed. Definitely, Cyn Santana formed a lot of relationships, once she joined "Love & Hip Hop." Cyn Santana returned to

Cyn Santana responds to the backlash from her 2016 Angela Yee interview, saying “I never based THE BLACK WOMAN” and “I never bashed a black woman in my life. NEVER have. NEVER will” + Apologizes to all she offended #LHHNY [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Having always been well-liked, the comments from Cyn Santana going viral, yesterday morning, were disheartening. The fans didn't like the comments Cyn made about race in her Angela Yee interview. As a result, both ladies ended up being dragged by Twitter. Cyn Santana rose to fame, in

Cyn Santana is being dragged by Twitter over her comments about dating black men and how they cater to Spanish women vs. black women, adding “let me stop before black girls take it personal” on Angela Yee’s #LipServicePodcast; #LHHNY star speaks out, clearing up her comments, saying “those weren’t the words” (FULL INTERVIEW INCLUDED) [AUDIO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer For a few seasons, "Love & Hip Hop" has promised to bring back some of the older cast members. This season, they actually held to that promise. Quite a bit has changed, since 2014, but many people from that 2013-2015 run are back. The return of Joe