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Joe Budden is being roasted by #LHHNY fans on Twitter for turning up on Safaree, with fans agreeing that he did it for TV, blasting him for not keeping the same energy with Migos

By Bossyy Contributing Writer During his first run, on "Love & Hip Hop," Joe Budden often got into it with Consequence. However, those two would eventually make peace, doing so in public. Back then, the fans were on Joe Budden's side, in that particular beef. With Safaree, even though fans have been

Brent Barry face, Casey Anthony face, Jason Williams face… Joe Budden hit YesJulz with that enter in response to her “Easily Offended” interview on his podcast, and he also has smoke for Murda Mook and ItzBizkit [AUDIO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer On Monday, YesJulz appeared on the "Easily Offended" podcast, which is hosted by Murda Mook and ItzBizkit. The interview quickly took a controversial turn. It was only a matter of minutes before the conversation became about Joe Budden and Cyn Santana. Joe Budden isn't one to ever back

YesJulz blasts Joe Budden for accusing her of buying her butt and then tries to “expose” him over sweatpants, blaming him for her “n*ggas lie a lot” tweet + Joe Budden responds, showing a pic of him in the sweats [PHOTO + VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer All of this with YesJulz has led to the controversy of the day. She sat down for an interview with the "Easily Offended" podcast, where she defended coming for prominent black women. On top of that, she defended using the "N-word" on social media. YesJulz sparked major controversy,

Safaree being confronted by Rich Dollaz took over Twitter, but Erica Mena owned her ex, calling him her “old work” and accusing him of trying to use her for a storyline, referring to him as “Abuelo” (grandpa) #LHHNY

By Tamantha Staff Writer Tonight was the "Love & Hip Hop" season finale and the big confrontations finally happened. In Costa Rica, fans finally caught the aftermath of Joe Budden going at Safaree. Many expected Erica Mena to return, but she didn't. A year ago, Erica Mena was a regular on "Love

Men who robbed Safaree, last year, have been indicted; Shawn Harewood, Tacuma Ashman, and Carl Harry were all indicted with 7-counts including armed robbery in the first degree and unlawful possession of a gun in the second degree

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Nearly a year ago, Safaree got robbed on his way to a his interview with Angie Martinez. Known for rocking his furs and extensive jewelry, Safaree made himself a major target. This is something Joe Budden actually told him, on "Love & Hip Hop," this season. Aside

Erica Mena claps back at Joe Budden’s tantrum against Safaree, on #LHHNY, last night, accusing him of cheating on Cyn, bringing other women to Safaree’s house, and no one spoke on that [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer When has Erica Mena ever been one to back down? Especially when the person she loves is involved, Erica Mena is willing to go to war. Not too long ago, Erica Mena was dating Cyn Santana, and Cyn said she fell hard for Erica. Their breakup was messy