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Get KCP off the court, out the game, off Jimmy Butler, and out of LA; #Lakers fans on Twitter are DONE with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, after this Heat game, tonight

By Jay Rich Staff Writer One of the NBA's toughest fan-bases is the Lakers' fan base. This is a franchise that's used to winning and used to being the best, overall. So, this has been a patient fan base, watching the team consistently dwindle, following the 2010 championship, to a bottom-feeding

Okafor … Jahlil Okafor led the Pelicans to their first win of the season and Twitter is shocked to see Jahlil is actually back, a good player, having his resurgence, and say he outplayed Nikola Jokic

By Jay Rich Staff Writer During "The Process," the Philadelphia 76ers drafted a lot of players, many of whom were turned into the Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris additions of last season. Some felt that original core, when they came into their own, would be a threat. For a brief period,

Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner have broken up and the news comes after Sixers fans blamed the “Kardashian curse” for Philly losing Game 7 to Toronto

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Currently, the Toronto Raptors are playing the Milwaukee Bucks, and they recently tied that series at 2-2. That means the Raptors are two wins from the NBA Finals. When the Philadelphia 76ers made trades for Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, the NBA Finals were their goal. Still

Joel Embiid crying may have just replaced the Crying Jordan meme, as Embiid cried after Sixers lost intense #Game7 to Kawhi Leonard’s clutch 3-pointer, as Raptors win series

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer As a fan, seeing Kawhi Leonard hit that shot is good for the game, which is lacking in recent classic moments. The Toronto Raptors are officially on the map, ending the stigma of not being clutch. But, imagine being the Philadelphia 76ers. Following years of struggle, the

Kyle Lowry hurt? Raptors fans on Twitter don’t seem to give AF, as they blast him, saying he always finds a way to choke in the big moments, as they are playing Game 7 vs. the Sixers

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer When it comes playoff time, the Toronto Raptors fans truly despise their point guard, Kyle Lowry. In 2012, Lowry joined the team, and following the season, he and DeMar DeRozan had a conversation about the state of the team. Since then, the Raptors don't miss the