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Cardi B responds to 6ix9ine mentioning her in his testimony, sharing the Keke Palmer meme, “I hate to say it, I don’t know who this man is” [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Over the past two years, Cardi B has become one of the biggest stars in the game. Honestly, in 2017 and 2018, Cardi B was the biggest rapper in the game, period. This year, Cardi B found herself facing stiff competition. Recently, Cardi B has found herself back

6ix9ine’s girlfriend, Jade, gets dragged and roasted in her IG comments, after Tekashi’s “Nine Trey Bloods” confession, during his testimony, as fans accuse her of being with a rat + Clown her 69 tattoo

By Bossyy Staff Writer Once upon a time, 6ix9ine was the hottest rapper in the game, and a very promising star. All of his viral songs managed to chart on Billboard and he was one hit away from stardom. Unlike many of his peers, when his time came, 6ix9ine actually made