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Too Much Shade! After Episode 2 Aired Jessie Woo Goes On IG Live; She Said Allegedly A Friend Told Her She Was Set Up Before Her Scene With Amara and Jojo #LHHMIA [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Jessie is ready to come for anybody who comes for her! During tonights episode, Jojo went back and revealed to Amara what Jessie and Miami Tip had said about her. Amara doesn’t want to deal with neither Miami or Jessie. But Jojo suggests that them three, including

JoJo and Amara Sit Down To Talk About Miami Tip and Jessie Woo; Amara Has No Care For Miami Tip; JoJo Suggests That Her, Amara and Jessie Should Have A Conversation About Amara Stealing Jessie Man #LHHMIA [VIDEO] 

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer The drama is stirring up this season. Last week, newcomer Jessie Woo made her debut appearance on Love and Hip Hop. During her Seester brunch with the other ladies, Jessie revealed to the cast that she has some issues with another cast member, that being Amara La

Hey Seester! Fans Welcome Social Media Comedian Jessie Woo With Lovely Messages; Said She Is Already One Of The Favorite Cast Members Of This Season #LHHMIA [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Social media influencer Jessie Woo has made her debut appearance tonight on Love and Hip Hop Miami. “Love & Hip Hop” is continuing its trend of highlighting social media stars and bringing a new “seeester” to the Miami cast. For those who don't know Jessie Woo,