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#WhatHaveYouDone challenge takes over Twitter, as Jay-Z explains his NFL deal, and speaks on his efforts to get people out of jail and feed people + Jermaine Dupri’s interview about Jay not doing Super Bowl resurfaces, where he admits no one boycotted [VIDEOS]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Currently, Jay-Z is catching a lot of flack over his NFL deal. To make matters worse, he was portrayed as a backstabber, in the media, when it was revealed Jermaine Dupri had a similar deal. However, he was advised by Jay-Z to not take it. As Jay-Z

Jermaine Dupri breaks silence on Jay-Z’s NFL deal, admitting he spoke to Jay, but that he didn’t talk him out of working with NFL, on V-103 [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Only recently has Jermaine Dupri received the props he deserves for his contributions in hip hop. Without JD, Atlanta would not have been put on the map, the way it was. Also, he was among the first Southern rappers to begin working with NY rappers. Jay-Z gets tons

Jay-Z reportedly urged Jermaine Dupri to turn down the same deal with the NFL that he signed; Funk Flex claims he spoke to JD on the phone and he confirmed this [PHOTO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Still, Jay-Z is continuing to catch flack for the deal Roc Nation has secured with the NFL. In the midst of the social injustice backlash the league has received over Colin Kaepernick, Jay-Z lost a lot of popularity. He was one of Kaep's most vocal supporters. For

Megan Thee Stallion shades Jermaine Dupri, asking who that is, in response to his comments about female rappers [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Recently, Jermaine Dupri did his media rounds, in promotion of WEtv documentary. Often overlooked, JD is one of hip hop's biggest moguls, and a pioneer. There would be Atlanta hip hop without Jermaine Dupri, and his efforts. However, Jermaine Dupri ruffled many feathers, when he made his comments

Bow Wow gets confronted by T.I. and Nelly, for an intervention, because of his comments about Ciara; T.I. tells him his defense is irrelevant and that she moved on [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer By now, Bow Wow is surely aware of how majorly he messed up, last week. During a recent show, Bow Wow interrupted his performance to bring up the past. Ranting about Ciara, Bow Wow called her out of her name, and said he had her first. Ciara definitely

Bhad Bhabie Calls Out Jermaine Dupri For Saying Female Rappers Now Sound The Same And It’s All Like Strippers Rapping: “Jermaine Dupri Can Suck My D*ck” [PHOTO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer So So Def legend Jermaine Dupri had social media in a frenzy this past week as he wasn't feeling the current state of female hip-hop. He said that female rappers all rap about the same thing and it all feels like strippers rapping. Cardi B called out

Cardi B posts pic on IG with her middle finger up, with “F*CK YOU” as the caption, and social media thinks it’s her Nicki Minaj response [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer So much has gone on between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj that it's become impossible to keep count. Despite the initial niceness between the two, there was indeed some underlying tension. All that tension came to a head, towards the end of last year. Tonight, a local newscaster

Nicki Minaj checks Warren Stocker, a Cardi B fan who accuses Nicki of never standing up for female rappers the way Cardi did with Jermaine Dupri; Nicki even shares an old tweet, where he was defending Nicki, and he has deleted his Twitter [PHOTOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer No Nicki Minaj slander will be tolerated by Nicki Minaj on Twitter. Over the past two years, Nicki has constantly had everything she says or does compared to Cardi B. The same has been the case for her rival, and both are tired of time. For a whole

Da Brat is asking for help from fans, friends, and strangers, alike, to find a kidney for her cousin, AJ, who suffered kidney failure #KidneyForAJ #Kidney4AJ [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer The current era of female rap is arguably the biggest in history, simply in terms of the number of relevant artists. But, the mid-1990s saw tons of successful female rappers. All of the ladies had style, but none of them were Da Brat, who helped put Chicago

Janet Jackson has a doppelganger in the form of Maria Pitre-Martin, an educator currently serving as a school superintendent in Virginia

By Bossyy Staff Writer Four years ago, Janet Jackson ended her seven year hiatus, returning to music with some big records. Unfortunately, her comeback run had to be halted, when Janet Jackson got pregnant. After her baby was old enough, she completed her run. Janet Jackson has since been doing her media