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Jennifer finally stood up for herself, saying “I’m straight,” when asked about the Evelyn situation, and has moved on from the “mean girls,” and Twitter says they love her finally being a G and having a spine #bbwlareunion

By Bossyy Staff Writer During her original run, on "Basketball Wives," Jennifer Williams was the right hand to Evelyn Lozada. Had she been any closer, she might has well been her actual arm. Before her run was over, Evelyn had a falling out with Jennifer, kicking her out of the group. It

Jennifer Williams blasts Shaunie O’Neal, calling her a fraud, after a fan points out Shaunie wanting security during #BBWLA’s fight, last night, but didn’t ask for security for Jen #BasketballWives

By Bossyy Staff Writer Last night, the "Basketball Wives" reunion went down, and the big showdown between Evelyn and OG finally took place. The whole season built up to this. While a lot of fans dislike OG, they loved her knocking Evelyn down several pegs. Evelyn was claiming OG met Chad Ochocinco

“Basketball Wives” is returning for season nine, renewed just days after “Basketball Wives Dallas” was announced

By Bossyy Staff Writer Admittedly, the past few seasons were tough on the "Basketball Wives" franchise. The primary show went on an indefinite hiatus, while the LA spinoff basically became the show. A reboot occurred, bringing back the original ladies, just in LA, leading to the LA series taking over. "Basketball Wives"

Shaunie O’Neal makes it clear she has no problems with Jennifer, explaining that she didn’t want her on the trip because she didn’t think she needed to take a trip out of the country with her

By Bossyy Staff Writer The promo for tonight's episode of "Basketball Wives" was Shaunie O'Neal announcing the trip to Costa Rica. While she wanted the girls to come, the promo showed her saying she didn't want Jennifer to join them. That set the tone for major controversy, on and off camera. Jennifer