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Shaunie O’Neal makes it clear she has no problems with Jennifer, explaining that she didn’t want her on the trip because she didn’t think she needed to take a trip out of the country with her

By Bossyy Staff Writer The promo for tonight's episode of "Basketball Wives" was Shaunie O'Neal announcing the trip to Costa Rica. While she wanted the girls to come, the promo showed her saying she didn't want Jennifer to join them. That set the tone for major controversy, on and off camera. Jennifer

Evelyn really killed the Peg Bundy look! Fans on Twitter dig up Tami Roman actually playing the “black Peg Bundy” on “Married… with Children,” in 1993, asking if Ev threw shade #BBWLA #BasketballWives

By Bossyy Staff Writer For whatever reason, on tonight's episode of "Basketball Wives," Evelyn Lozada decided to dress as Peggy Bundy (Katey Sagal). The look definitely had people scratching their heads. But, Evelyn is always doing something, and there's always some shade behind it. This season, thus far, has seen Evelyn and

Jennifer Williams responds to Tami Roman’s scathing freestyle with boxing video, claiming she’s got the receipts + Says she doesn’t freestyle #BBWLA #BasketballWives [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer In terms of how she's treated by her cast mates, Jennifer Williams is comparable to Hazel-E, just before Hazel. Time and time, again, Jenn has gone through losing Evelyn as a friend, and Ev turning on her. It was shocking, the first time, given how close they

Tami Roman DESTROYS Jennifer Williams in epic “No Vaseline” freestyle, accusing her of smashing Michael Jordan, and also saying her breath smells like “sh*t and burnt tires” #BasketballWives [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer In the upcoming "Basketball Wives" promo, Jennifer Williams takes her brand of messy to the desk of Tami Roman. Back friends with Evelyn for the second (or third) time, she has trashed Tami. Viewers of the series know Tami vs. Evelyn has existed since day one. Tami Roman,

Shaunie gets dragged by Twitter for reading Jennifer’s letter to her in front of Evelyn and the girls, as #BasketballWives viewers say it was for her, not everyone #BBWLA

By Bossyy Staff Writer Clearly, Jennifer Williams has been going through some things. But, through the history of the show, Jen always had a reputation for being a little messy. Last season, she took things way too far, when she brought up dirt about Shaunie O'Neal's ex. Jennifer Williams previously was Evelyn