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Jennifer Lopez Talks Engagement, Diddy’s Instagram Comments, Bonding With Cardi B + More on “The Breakfast Club” [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Over the years, Jennifer Lopez has had her fair share of men. Definitely a woman with an open mind, her men have included Diddy, Ben Affleck, and Marc Anthony. After rumors of her and Drake, Jennifer Lopez has settled with Alex Rodriguez, announcing an engagement. Despite this,

Diddy continues expressing regret over not marrying Kim Porter, sharing a photo of her, telling his followers that’s the look she’d give him when he needed to get his sh*t together [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Live life long enough and every person will have at least one regret in their lives. But, those who have lived long enough have much more than one regret. In the case of Diddy, he might have many regrets, but none more than his relationship with Kim

Jose Canseco’s Ex-Wife Jessica Denies Having Relations With Alex Rodriguez After Jose Accuses ARod Of Cheating On Jennifer Lopez With Her – “I’m Friendly With Both Him And Jennifer”

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer A few nights ago, former 6x MLB All-Star Jose Canseco made the daring claims on Twitter that Alex Rodriguez is cheating on newly announced fiancee Jennifer Lopez with his ex-wife. The tweets came after Lopez posted the engagement ring that Rodriguez gave her. Now, Jessica Canseco is

A Day After Alex Rodriguez Gets Engaged To Jennifer Lopez, Former MLB All-Star Jose Canseco Says ARod Is Cheating On JLo With His Ex-Wife And Challenges Him To Boxing Or MMA Fight – “Stop Being A Piece Of S*it and Stop Cheating On JLo” [PHOTOS]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Alex Rodriguez has been dating Jennifer Lopez for a while now but proposed to her yesterday. The two are now engaged but there is some drama that's attacking the relationship already. Jose Canseco played in MLB just like ARod and was a six-time all-star. His career has

Jose Canseco accuses Alex Rodriguez of cheating on Jennifer Lopez with Jessica, his (Jose’s) ex-wife, and then gives his number out on Twitter, telling J. Lo to call him for details [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer What in the crazy?... Stranger things have happened, for sure, but this whole thing is very left field. Of course, when people find happiness, there are always those who are trying to tear it apart, which makes it hard to trust anyone. Jennifer Lopez began dating Alex Rodriguez,

Jennifer Lopez cleverly announce her engagement to Alex Rodriguez, posting Instagram pic of him holding her hand with enormous diamond ring [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Late in 2017, Jennifer Lopez revealed she had yet another new man in her life. Professional baseball legend, Alex Rodriguez was her new man, following her and Drake having a rumored romance. Quickly, J. Lo moved into happiness, while Drake had "The Story of Adidon." Jennifer Lopez and