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Blue Ivy is stepping out of her mother’s shadow and Twitter is all kinds of here for her, with her scene-stealing cameos on Beyoncé’s #SpiritMusicVideo

By Bossyy Staff Writer When Jay-Z and Beyonce finally had their child, lofty expectations were placed upon her. Everything about her was unique, even her name, Blue Ivy, stuck out. There were all kinds of rumors surrounding her birth and now her life is often news. Over the years, Blue Ivy has

Jay Z becomes a meme, once again, as Twitter clowns how he hugged Meghan Markle, saying Beyoncé has him with “Lemonade” PTSD flashbacks + He and Prince Harry look like they want to go to the open bar #LionKing

By Bossyy Staff Writer What happens when a person accomplishes everything in just one lifetime? People begin trying to find ways to dig at them, simply to make them a little more human. Not only did Jay-Z take over rap, he got most people's dream girl in Beyonce, and then he

Damon Dash talks potential Roc-A-Fella reunion, shutting it down, saying Jay-Z and Kanye West reunion won’t happen, citing “bad memories” [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Consistency is the reason Roc-A-Fella Records is considered an iconic label. From the label's inception, until Jay-Z's 2003 "retirement," the label put out at least one album a year. These albums were normally releases from Jay-Z, himself. The story has been told, millions of times over, how

Jermaine Dupri talks his biggest hits, Scooter Braun, and stories with Usher, Biggie, and Tupac on “Sway In The Morning” [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer With all the talk of the hip hop moguls, Jay-Z reaching billionaire status, and Master P recounting his legacy, one keeps getting overlooked. For whatever reason, Jermaine Dupri continues being ignored. This is funny, because he hasn't stopped doing his thing. Jermaine Dupri has kept himself with

Blueface accused his mother of clout chasing, kicking his mom and sister out of his house, apparently choosing his girlfriend over them [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Fame is both the gift and the curse, as not every person is fortunate enough to figure it out like the Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna-like people of the world. These people managed to leverage their fame and turn it into big business deals. Other celebrities become fodder

Rick Ross talks “Port of Miami 2,” staying neutral in Meek Mill and Wale beef, his boss moves, and more with “Drink Champs” [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer In 2006, Rick Ross made his commercial debut, with "Hustlin,'" which dominated the summer. As Jay-Z was settling into his Def Jam CEO position, he was coming with a lot of talent. Ross was the fourth breakout artist, behind Young Jeezy, Rihanna, and Ne-Yo. Before Rick Ross

Top 5 Smartest Songwriters

Any songwriter will tell you that inspiration to write a song is unpredictable and uncontrollable. How do they find the right words to explain the inexplicable? Either way, it is as interesting as writing a music essay. Songs spring out of interesting mistakes, accidents, emotional turmoil, and private pain. Songwriting