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Durham County shooting, in front of courthouse, takes over Twitter, this morning, as one man was shot, and two people were arrested in connection to the shooting

By Jay Rich Staff Writer This morning, the city of Durham, North Carolina, got a major scare, right at the courthouse. One of the biggest cities, in North Carolina, the reputation for Durham is not the best. Despite being home to the well-renowned Duke University, the city has a reputation for

J. Cole gets put on blast by a graphic designer, @theykilledsix, who says Cole used his artwork, without paying him for it, despite promising to look out for him [PHOTOS]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Since 2014, J. Cole has consistently been referred to as the top lyricist in the game. Along with providing real lyrics, J. Cole dropped two consecutive platinum albums, with no features. With that run, J. Cole made hip hop history. J. Cole was the one most forgot

Mike Tyson was on Joe Rogan’s “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast and the two smoked weed; Rogan said he can “check smoke weed with Mike Tyson and do an epic podcast” off the bucket list + Twitter reacts to Tyson discussing EVERYTHING!

By Jay Rich HHV Sports Senior Staff Writer There has never been an athlete quite like Mike Tyson, but he owned the 1990s. Not only was he considered the greatest, at the time, he married Robin Givens. According to people who remember the 1990s, that was a big deal. Mike Tyson has maintained

Bradley Beal didn’t beat the Raptors, but #NBATwitter believes he has passed John Wall as the Wizards’ best player, calling him a beast, and fans of other teams say he’s their missing piece

By Jay Rich HHV Sports Senior Staff Writer Entering this season, the Washington Wizards have continued their disappointing stretch. The Wizards were one of the 2017 season's most-impressive teams. After a lousy start, the Wizards finished 49-33, winning their division, for the first time, and made playoff noise. That year, John Wall and