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Isaiah Thomas talks Lakers’ loss to Mavericks, says team needs to close, but liked the teams pace, and praised Luke Walton for playing to his strengths (FULL INTERVIEW) #LakersVsMavericks [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich HHV Sports Senior Staff Writer Watching Isaiah Thomas play for his third team in eight months is just sad, especially seeing how he was injured for a good bit. Back in May, it was impossible to think of Isaiah Thomas leaving the Celtics. To boost the team, they even

James Harden and Tristan Thompson wear the same jersey number + had the same chick! NBA fans continue roasting Cavs, by playing up Harden vs. Thompson, with one guy claiming he heard Harden say “I f*cked your b*tch” [PHOTO]

By Jay Mack Staff Writer Last year, during the 2017 NBA Playoffs, Jalen Rose came out and said he believes the Kardashian curse is real. This was after Tristan Thompson played so poorly, against the Warriors. Much of this was forgotten, when Cleveland opened up the 2018 season so strongly. However, the

The Cavs are finished! Fans on Twitter say Kyrie was smart to leave, because the team is tanking WITH LeBron, and the trash play can’t be blamed on Kevin Love + Probably won’t make it out of the East

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer The Cavs are used to bullying their way through the NBA East. In 2014, the Cavs got blessings on top of blessings, landing the first overall pick, in the draft. This pick allowed for Cleveland to trade for Kevin Love, sending Andrew Wiggins to the