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What Waist? Fans Accuse #LHHATL’s Tammy Rivera of Photoshopping Her Body for the Gram [PICS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Tammy Rivera is doing a little damage control on the gram after fans accused her of photoshopping her waist. Tammy, of course, denied photoshopping her pic and posted a boomerang video of her waist to prove it to y’all. She also said “y’all can never let a b*tch be

HHV On The Rise: Gonzo The Great

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer The West Coast is one of the most-interesting hip hop regions. Even though 90% of West Coast hip hop is California, it's hard to classify it as one region. California is so huge, there's no question why it's considering splitting into three additional states. Gonzo The Great is

Fabolous was playing no games, yeesh! Woman comments on Fab’s IG pic with Emily B, saying she will “restrain” from saying anything negative, and Fab replies, “It’s refrain, dumbass, and I won’t refrain from blocking you” [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Most remember, Fabolous was one of the first rappers actively using social media. Daily, Fabolous was getting into one situation, or another, over what he'd post on Twitter. With most of the game now on social media, the comments aren't taken as seriously, now. However, Fabolous remains just