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@iamlovedstarmarie13 (Cardi B’s alleged ex roommate) speaks out on #ILikeIt star, accusing her of being racist, telling her she’s too pretty to say she’s black, a man said she “smells like fish,” accuses her of being a drug addict, tells Nicki Minaj she’d do #QueenRadio, and says she believes the girls who say Cardi had them jumped, accusing Cardi of throwing hot coffee on her, on IG Live [VIDEOS]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Rising to the top isn't an easy thing to do, so when a person overcomes the odds, people will come to the surface and try to drag a person back down. What has happened with Cardi B is similar to the rise of so many artists. She

50 Cent And Joe Budden Beef Alert; Curtis Tells “Joe Butthead” To Get The F*#K Out Of Here And Get The Strap!

  By Jazzy Nelson Contributing Writer 50 Cent popped off on his Instagram yesterday calling Joe Budden "Joe Butthead." Shots fired were posted through a "Ed, Edd and Eddy" television show meme where Budden is staring out the window with a caption that reads "Joe Budden, whenever he sees a young rapper enjoying

Moniece is leaving “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” saying that “it sucked the life out of me” and that she’s been in “intensive outpatient mental therapy” #LHHH [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Over the past four years, "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" has brought tons of drama. In nearly all of the drama, Moniece was somehow involved, even though most of the beef was never hers. Five seasons in, her rivalry with Princess Love has proven to be the

The Game’s Manager, Wack 100, Says Mac Miller Deserved to Die: “F*ck That He Deserved It And Any Other Idiot Around Here Swallowing Dope For Recreation”

By Tamantha Staff Writer The Game’s manager, Wack 100, had some pretty mean things to say about the death of Mac Miller. In a now deleted Instagram post, he says: “YOU STUPID DUMB ASS IDIOTIC SHIT FOR BRAINS! GOOD FOR YOUR DUMB ASS. AND ALL THE REST OF YOU IDIOTS THATS NOT