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Eastwood talks West Coast hip hop, Master P, and more with Illboyz [VIDEO]

By DJ Louie Styles Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Representing Inglewood, California, Eastwood has established himself as a presence on the Los Angeles scene. Now that Los Angeles is back in the spotlight, Eastwood is still making the necessary moves. Recently, Hip Hop Vibe's longtime affiliates, Illboyz, had a chance to talk

Illboyz (Funk Volume Edition): Dizzy Wright [VIDEO]

By Kevin Anahid Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Of course hip hop fans remember Dizzy Wright for his "Snapbacks & Tattoos" single, but there is a lot more to this artist. He is all over the hip hop media right now and has a lot of new projects in the works. Funk

Illboyz counts down the top five albums of 2012 [VIDEO]

By Kevin Anahid Hip Hop Vibe Contributing Writer Exciting is one word to describe hip hop in 2012. Fully aware that 2013 has now entered its third month, there is still time look back on last year, a strong year for the fans of hip hop. Illboyz had the chance to get