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Azealia Banks clowns K. Michelle, saying she cancelled their tour, because her “a** was rotting” + Says she’s clowning K for calling her “broke,” when she complained about the money she missed from her cancelling the tour [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer In her career, Azealia Banks has had beef with everybody. Early in her career, it was her and Iggy Azalea, leading to T.I. being brought into the beef. Between that, she and Angel Haze (remember her?) had beef, and she's also tried Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim. At

Nicki Minaj talks people taking “Barbie Dreams” too seriously, diffusing Game’s beef with 6ix9ine, XXXTentacion’s death impact, Jay-Z’s support, and Beyonce shouting her out, with DJ Whoo Kid [AUDIO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer With the release of QUEEN, Nicki Minaj re-establish herself as a force in the game. Since 2009, Nicki Minaj has been a solid force in the music industry. After her 2010 debut, Nicki Minaj has consistently been the leading female rapper in the game. By 2012, fans began looking

Cardi B quotes Travis Scott on Twitter, “STOP TRYNNA BE GOD, THAT IS NOT YOUR JOB,” and fans think she’s responding to Nicki Minaj’s comments about her on #QueenRadio interview with Ebro

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Few people have noticed the setup, here, but that likely won't matter, if things keep going how they are. In one of her interviews, Nicki Minaj mentioned how, every two years, a female rapper blows up. When they do, they pit her against Nicki. In 2014, it was

Flex and Nicki Minaj squash differences and standards in hip hop; Talks Drake reference tracks, Meek and Safaree, and more #WeGotaStoryToTell020 [VIDEO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer No female rapper has enjoyed a run that has lasted as long as the one that Nicki Minaj is currently on. Every year, she has had little to no competition in being the top female rapper. The Queens rapper only recently has faced serious competition. Back in 2014,

Kakey puts Golden State Warriors’ star, Nick Young, on blast for allegedly attempting to send videos of himself to her, hacking her iCloud, and trying to get her account suspended + LEAKS DMS [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Even though Nick Young is a good basketball player, best-known for his time with the Lakers and Warriors, his personal life outshines his work on the court. Most people know him as Swaggy P. The veteran baller is best-known for dating Iggy Azalea. Back in 2016, that