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Hip Hop Songs with the Theme of Education

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer We can sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that hip hop songs mostly follow the same kinds of themes. The themes of money and fame can be rampant in these songs, but they’re not the only themes that you’ll find. In this article, we’ll be looking

Classic Singles: Nas – “I Can”

By Hardcore Critic Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Throughout his career, Nas has never been afraid to go against the status quo. The individuality of Nas is what has allowed him so much success over the past two decades. Ironically, the height of Nas' popularity came during his feud with Jay-Z, the

Nas admits mistakes in His Rhymes

Throughout his career, Nas has projected himself as an intellectual rapper and many people have looked up to him. His early rhymes were hailed by critics and they grew upset with him. Starting with his second album, Nas started to change his style. Mafioso rap was popular and Nas transformed