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Man does backflips and starts flossing dancing while Charleston, SC provides #HurricaneDorian update #DorianSC [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Only in the Carolinas, LOL. Of course, everyone remembers all the memes and jokes, last year, during Hurricane Florence. Two years before that, Hurricane Matthew offered a similar offering of jokes, although neither storm was a laughing matter. Hurricane Dorian already destroyed The Bahamas, ravaged Florida's east

Owner of Slice of Life Pizza in Wilmington, NC gets put on blast, on Twitter and Facebook, for allegedly threatening the life of a black man, Andrew Moon, who recounted the encounter of the owner telling him he had a gun, on Facebook + Owner apologizes [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer In Wilmington, the city has been devastated by Hurricane Florence. The storm is over, but the work has to officially begin. Yesterday, unfortunately, was a day when tempers won out, and a name was ruined. Slice of Life Pizza is a popular restaurant, within the city. With two