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Jhonni Blaze puts Just Brittany all the way on blast, and Stevie J, too, accusing Brittany of crashing her performance, throwing a drink on her, and running off, hiding behind security + Tells Brittany “it’s on sight” #LHHATL [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Back in 2014, Jhonni Blaze was a part of "Love & Hip Hop," where she was involved in a love triangle with Rich Dollaz and Diamond Strawberry. However, Erica Mena was her primary rival, back then. She also, Erica that is, had beef with Diamond. Jhonni Blaze

Angela Simmons addresses Sutton Joseph breakup in “Growing Up Hip Hop” season premiere, says the relationship “crumbled” #GUHH [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When Angela Simmons turned up pregnant, there were many questions from fans who have watched her for nearly fifteen years. The daughter of a preacher, Rev Run, Angela Simmons vowed to save herself until marriage. Also, she was on TV, flirting with Romeo. There were so many

Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller were looking flirty at the #GUHH season premiere party and fans were pushing hard for them, in the comments, except for one person that Angela shut down, when asked if she was married to her son’s father [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer What's been longtime detailed is Angela Simmons and Bow Wow's history. But, it turns out, she also had something going with the other teenage rapper of the early 2000s. This has become much more of a talking point, since "Growing Up Hip Hop" has been on. These

Pepa, of Salt-N-Pepa, shows off her new man, @iamAundre, wishing him a happy birthday, and his wife, @channel_jordyn, calls him out for lying, telling her Pepa was his boss, and even wanting her to be their daughter’s godmother #GUHHATL [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The past two years have seen Pepa return to the spotlight. Introducing her daughter, Egypt, to the masses, her child with Treach, Pepa had a big role on "Growing Up Hip Hop." She had a now-infamous conversation with Dame Dash and Irv Gotti about college. While Pepa

Angela Simmons set a thirst trap, with her IG video, showing off her thick booty, that all of Twitter, and Romeo Miller, have all fallen into #GUHH [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Recently, Angela Simmons was back on her job. Even though she always talks about purity, Angela Simmons isn't afraid to show her body off. This time, she has gotten the entire internet involved, as everybody wants to see more of this. Angela Simmons is back on reality TV,

Angela Simmons is still setting thirst traps, out here, and Yo Gotti is still letting her know he’s watching; Angela posts Jacuzzi pic with “act like nobody’s watching” caption and Gotti responds “I am” [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When "Down In The DM" hit, Yo Gotti became the posterchild for men with crushes on Angela Simmons. While Yo Gotti willingly took that position on, plenty of other men also want that position. Viewers of her show, "Growing Up Hip Hop," know that. The early 2000s

Daryann, Angela Simmons’ younger half-sister, explains why she put her on blast, yesterday, saying she turned down a modeling gig with Fenty to do scene with Angela, only for her to ignore her, once the show was over #GUHH [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Yesterday, many were surprised when Angela Simmons' younger half-sister, Daryann, called her out. Last year, the sisters, alongside oldest sister, Vanessa, were on "Growing Up Hip Hop." They had a major storyline about repairing their relationship as sisters. Daryann informed her followers that nothing has changed, between

Angela Simmons’ younger sister, Daryan, puts her on blast for treating her friends, better than her family, and shares text message from Angela, accusing Daryan of trying to “ruin” her #GUHH [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Courtesy of "Run's House," Angela Simmons is a household name. A difference between her and her siblings is that Angela managed to stay in the spotlight. Her brothers, Jojo and Diggy, had music careers that never fully caught on. Meanwhile, her older sister, Vanessa, and youngest brother,