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Paul Pierce gets dragged and roasted on Twitter for saying he’s a better shooter than Klay Thompson, going as far as asking #NBACountdown crew who they’d rather have in the clutch

By Prince Hakeem Contributing Writer A few weeks ago, Paul Pierce was doing commentary, and the topic was the Golden State Warriors. Still the top team in the NBA, having been so since 2014, with the exception of last season, the Warriors are favorites to win the title. But, Klay Thompson

Suns? Lakers are about the lose to the Suns and their fans are HEATED; Fans say they won’t watch again, if Lakers lose to 12-51 Suns #LakeShow

By Prince Hakeem Contributing Writer This season has been a struggle for the Los Angeles Lakers. When they signed LeBron James, a lot of people assumed the Lakers' problems were over. But, with the Golden State Warriors still existing, along with the Houston Rockets, it was going to be hard. The Oklahoma