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Draymond Green shuts down reporter who asks him about “Drake scuffle” and Twitter jokes, saying Draymond called Pusha T up #NBAFinals

By Jay Rich Staff Writer In 2016, it became clear how important Draymond Green is to making sure the Golden State Warriors win. Tonight, Draymond Green was on, but Drake was distracting him. After Drake tormented the Bucks, Giannis' manager spoke out about his antics. While the Bucks are a young team,

Andre Iguodala tried to take Drake out, according to Twitter, when he fell over him, after he came into #NBAFinals #Game1 trolling the Warriors; Fans clown Drake for ducking and say Iggy should have kneed him

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The Toronto Raptors have a sixth man, in Drake. In large part, he was the X factor that helped disrupt the Milwaukee Bucks, after Giannis had two huge games that put the Bucks up 2-0. Before the NBA Finals began, complaints led to the Raptors talking

Giannis Antetokounmpo walks out of postgame interview, with Khris Middleton, after reporter repeats a question about experience, leaving Middleton with the WTF face #MILvsTOR [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Tonight, and in Game 5, inexperience caught up with the Milwaukee Bucks. This is a very good team, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, which has the NBA's best record, this season. Very likely, Giannis will win the league's MVP, this year, too. But, the Toronto Raptors have more

Kawhi is crowned the best player in Raptors history for leading Toronto to their first #NBAFinals, while Drake and Twitter roast Giannis for choking in the clutch #WeTheNorth

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer There were times, when the Milwaukee Bucks looked unstoppable. In the first round, the Bucks did what they were supposed to do, and swept the Pistons. Many saw their 60-22 season as a fluke and expected the Celtics to figure it out and beat them. Boston's Game