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#SnowfallFX season finale took an unexpected turn, for most fans, as they tried to figure out whether Franklin was dead or alive, but Twitter did catch the John Singleton reference/tribute about hood dudes making movies

By Jay Rich Staff Writer SPOILER ALERT! Franklin lives! However, what the viewers got to see is a glimpse of what life would have been like, had Franklin chosen to stay on the straight and narrow, which was a path that sent him right back to a life of crime. In many

MEL SHOT FRANKLIN! Fans on Twitter react to Franklin (Damson Idris) getting shot on #Snowfall, thinking Mel may have killed him #SnowfallFX

By Bossyy Staff Writer Finally, Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) was becoming the man he always dreamed of being. Graduating from the streets, Franklin became a millionaire, this season. The "business" has pushed him into legitimate businesses, making $1 million a week, per tonight's "Snowfall" episode. As Franklin is rising, Andre (Marcus Henderson)

Cuba Gooding, Jr. reveals he was at the hospital, with John Singleton, when he died, and says he got the chance to tell him he loved him, one last time

By Bossyy Staff Writer The sudden death of John Singleton is something that has taken everyone by surprise. His death happened right in the middle of his latest project, "Snowfall," on FX. As he is helping Damson Idris become a star, he first helped Cuba Gooding, Jr. become a star. Cuba Gooding,

John Singleton has died, after his family took him off life support, this afternoon, as fans honor his work “Boyz N The Hood,” “Poetic Justice,” and more #RIPJohnSingleton

By Tamantha Staff Writer There was tons of hope that John Singleton would manage to pull through. Despite all the prayers, John Singleton had to answer this call for an appointment that he couldn't miss. The famed movie producer, who created Boyz N The Hood, is dead. John Singleton helped launch the film

John Singleton, “Boyz N The Hood” creator, has died at the age of 51, after suffering a stroke, and falling into coma #RIPJohnSingleton

By Tamantha Staff Writer Very troubling news coming from John Singleton, as reports are coming in that he has died. Nearly thirty years ago, Singleton put himself on the map, with the seminal film, Boyz N The Hood. Twenty-eight years later, that movie remains a classic. That film launched Ice Cube's acting career

John Singleton is NOT dead, despite rumors beginning to surface on Facebook claiming he has died, the iconic director remains in a coma, and those close to him are requesting prayer

By Bossyy Staff Writer This week began with some news about John Singleton suffering from a stroke. Still best-known for Boyz N The Hood, John Singleton is a cultural icon. Currently, his series, "Snowfall," is awaiting its third season premiere. John Singleton has lived an active life and is always working on new