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Florida Man is real! Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) stays dropping knowledge; #AtlantaFX fans react to Darius’ take on Florida’s constant turmoil in Robbin’ Season + #FloridaMan has a real profile!

By Ricki Says Staff Writer It seems like something is always going on in Florida. In close presidential elections, they usually decide the president, and they voted twice for Barack Obama. But, there is always a man in Florida, referred to as "Florida man" on the news, doing something. As "Atlanta" does,

#PrayForDouglas: Natives of #Parkwood, Stoneman Douglas family, Florida natives, and sympathetic people come on Twitter to mourn and talk about gun control

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The amount of times these types of things happen is just saddening, within itself. Whether it's some type of shooting, someone taking their own life, or natural disaster, it's sad. But, the bottom line is that there are too many lives taken for no reason. Florida is