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Lezhae Zeona, Fetty Wap’s baby mama, puts Alexis Sky’s bestie, Ikey, on blast, accusing him of telling her “kill yourself,” while she’s pregnant with his child [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since Fetty Wap gained fame, he has welcomed a lot of women into his life. Living fast, Fetty Wap has blazed through relationships, having children with a lot of women he's dealt with. As soon as Alexis Sky gave birth to her child, with Fetty Wap,

Alexis Sky was spotted, hosting at Lust NY, last night, where Slevin dances and Blu was present, and she got dragged for it; #LHHH star hit back on Twitter and told people to “STFU” if they weren’t paying her bills

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Those who follow Fetty Wap, and his personal life, on social media, have known about Alexis Sky for years. She first rose to notoriety, back in 2015, when it was revealed she and Fetty Wap were dating. Since then, they have gone through many issues, makeups

Alexis Sky confirms she and Justin Combs are dating? #LHHH star claps back at hater in her comments, accusing her of trying to win Fetty back with new pics, and Alexis says “actually my man loves it and my baby father is old news” [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since 2015, Alexis Sky has been in the spotlight, and she rose to fame when Fetty Wap began dating her. As everyone knows, Fetty Wap has had several women in his life. That fact led to Alexis Sky becoming his on/off girlfriend. Alexis Sky broke up with

Masika shades Fetty Wap, reposting an insensitive tweet from a man saying just because he told a woman he loved her, and made big promises doesn’t mean she’s his girl; Masika says “Sounds like someone I kn… never mind” [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Nearly four years ago, Masika rose to fame on "Love & Hip Hop." She was an original member for "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" and, like so many, was pursuing her career in music. This was the pre-Cardi B era, so those types of ambitions were