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Remy Ma is going to be a grandma, as her son, Janafi aka Jace, and his girlfriend, Diamond, had a baby shower, revealing a little girl, who will have Remy as a grandmother

By Bossyy Staff Writer Since returning from prison, Remy Ma has become one of the most viral people on social media. On television, Remy Ma has become one of the most-popular people. She was on "Love & Hip Hop," where she's become a fan favorite. Remy Ma, also, is on "State of

Ryan is getting clowned by Twitter, with fans saying Fat Joe MUST be embarrassed, and that between the studio and text, he ruined his shot with Vina + Fans question if something’s wrong with him #GUHHNY

By Bossyy Staff Writer Last week, Ryan went completely off on Madina, in the studio, and also on Vina Love, her niece. Prior to that, Ryan expressed interest in Vina, trying to holla at her. But, all of that ended, when Ryan went off on her and her aunt, Madina, understandably

Rihanna Says New Fat Joe and Cardi B Song “Stinks” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Rihanna is living her best life on a girl’s trip with her girls. During some down time at the pool, Rihanna’s friend, Melissa, was making a video recording herself turning up to Fat Joe and Cardi B’s new song, “Yes.” During Cardi’s verse, you can hear Rihanna

Ryan (Fat Joe’s son) gets blasted on Twitter for going off on Madina and accusing her of not introducing him to the record exec, when she clearly did #GUHHNY

By Bossyy Staff Writer In the early 2000s, Fat Joe had an improbable comeback, which helped put him on the map. Those early 2000s videos, like most hip hop videos, were filled with cameos. There is one little boy in the "What's Luv?" video that people may have had questions about. Eighteen

Cardi B is getting dragged by Twitter, over the Gina Rodriguez controversy, as the actress issues a second apology that Black Twitter rejected, while they also bring up Cardi using the “N-word” + Cardi B gives strong reply

By Bossyy Staff Writer A lingering debate within the community is who is allowed to "come to the cookout." No question, the black community is one of the most-welcoming of all the cultures. In no other cultures are there "honorary" members. Hip hop is the most-welcoming arm of the culture, often saying