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Ruthless! 50 Cent roasts TF out of Wendy Williams, after her drama with her husband allegedly getting a mistress pregnant makes headlines; Fif calls Wendy “The world most famous sidekick” [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Through his career, 50 Cent has had his fair share of enemies. It isn't limited to rap, either, dude even goes after talk show hosts. Back in the day, Oprah was his rival, but Wendy Williams has become a favorite of his. Wendy Williams is going through it,

‘Family Matters’ Star, Cherie Johnson, Drags Wendy Williams For Filth: “I heard that your husband got his mistress pregnant for the 2nd time and you bout to play step mama again” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Now this is one beef I didn’t see coming. ‘Family Matters’ star, Cherie Johnson, is dragging Wendy Williams for filth. In an Instagram video, she says that she heard that Wendy’s husband, Kevin, has his mistress pregnant for the 2nd time. She also asks Wendy how