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Cardi B allegedly wanted to fight Nicki Minaj over “Motorsport” verse; Text messages leak, supposedly from Offset and Cardi B about the #Motorsport track [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This whole thing with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj has really taken a life of its own. All of this and the ladies have done nothing but give each other props, still. But, some commentary from Nicki Minaj has given fans exactly what they've wanted, all

Photo surfaces of Tamar Braxton with her alleged boyfriend, Rikk, along with info about their history, and word has it she cheated on Vince with him, while he was allegedly dating Toya #TamarandVince [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer There is so much messiness going on between Tamar and Vince, as their marriage is coming to an end. Yesterday morning, Tamar Braxton went on an Instagram rant. She revealed that Vince didn't just cheat on her, he went out and got another woman pregnant. As Tamar

Lil’ Mo’s husband, Karl Dargan, reportedly exposed by woman claiming to be his sidechick, who says he is cheating with a man and woman + Explicit pics and videos #LHHNY [PHOTOS / VIDEOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Apparently, Lil' Mo was right, with what she said on "Love & Hip Hop," when she said "where there's smoke, there's FIYAH!!!" After her son came to her saying he read about Karl cheating, Lil' Mo searched for answers. Despite Snoop defending Karl, Lil' Mo sought

Screenshot photo surfaces of Kevin Hart on top of the woman he cheated with, while wearing his wedding ring, from his reported video [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This weekend, Kevin Hart found himself the leading topic of discussion, in the gossip world. But, this tea was so huge that it landed him on primetime national news. The popular comedian confessed to doing something, without actually confessing to what he did. Kevin Hart, due to

Kevin Hart engaged in “sexually suggestive” conduct with a woman, shooting a video with her, and she demanded money afterwards, according to reports

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Tonight, Kevin Hart has been thrust into the spotlight, for all of the wrong reasons. While he has done great things that got publicity, his efforts with Harvey didn't demand this type of attention. Clearly, there is something Kevin Hart did wrong. A little over an hour

Instagram shut down several gossip blogs, including TeaTenders and EntertainmentForBreakfast [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer During the summer, there were rumors of Instagram shutting down fan pages. From time-to-time, for various reasons, many Instagram gossip blogs get shut down. Infamously, both TeaTenders and Fameolous had their situations shut down. Along with them, DJ Akademiks has seen his pages become deactivated, along with

Houston councilman tells people not to donate to the Red Cross, Fameolous creates fund for people to donate directly to #HurricaneHarvey victims

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Many celebrities have spoken out about the American Red Cross, telling people not to donate there. They have said the money from the Red Cross isn't going to the bulk of the Hurricane Harvey victims. After each tragedy, FEMA and Red Cross are put on blast. However,