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Black woman, Lia Gant, says she was asked to give up her seat, at Bloomfield, Michigan restaurant for white men, and her drink was poured down the drain, when she told the manager, and the bartender refused to serve her [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer In this day and age, it is sad that people are still being discriminated upon, because of race. Close to sixty years, since the Civil Rights movement, people are still fighting for equality. Unfortunately, Lia Gant became the latest person to endure senseless racism. Lia Gant was recently

Phoenix woman, Latisha Patterson, gets followed to her car, and harassed by a man, who tried to enter her car, all because she turned him down, when he came onto her [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer In Phoenix, Latisha Patterson went out shopping, as most people do, and she ran across an unwanted encounter. Things like this happen all time, especially with women. A man happens to see a woman, unattached, and assume she's both single and interested. Normally, while a woman will remain

Black woman, Elda Shepherd, details nightmare experience at Dominican Republic resort, where a man came in her hotel room NAKED, while she was sleeping [DETAILS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Normally a popular vacation destination, the Dominican Republic has seen a major hit in their reputation, this summer. Already, a Maryland couple died, while vacationing, along with another woman. Now, someone else is speaking out. Elda Shepherd, thankfully, has lived to tell her story, and she is back

Cruel! Woman, Nay Remy, clowns a man who took her out on a date for being ugly, as she shares a photo of him, and laughs about never seriously giving him a chance; Twitter drags her for being fat, ugly, and overweight [DETAILS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Honestly, this girl got exactly what she deserved. The way it goes is that everybody is looking for companionship, whether it is simply a friend, or something romantic. That very need does lead to rejection and hurt feelings. What is bad about this current era is that people,

Ayesha Curry has Twitter coming for her, calling her a “pick me,” for saying she wonders why she gets no male attention, and questioning if something is wrong with her #RedTableTalk [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer This morning, the full episode of "Red Table Talk" aired on Facebook, where Ayesha Curry and Jada Pinkett Smith talked. Clips of the interview have already circulated online. The clip that had people talking was her being uncomfortable with women coming onto her man. In 2014, Stephen Curry

John Singleton is NOT dead, despite rumors beginning to surface on Facebook claiming he has died, the iconic director remains in a coma, and those close to him are requesting prayer

By Bossyy Staff Writer This week began with some news about John Singleton suffering from a stroke. Still best-known for Boyz N The Hood, John Singleton is a cultural icon. Currently, his series, "Snowfall," is awaiting its third season premiere. John Singleton has lived an active life and is always working on new

Young Jeezy and Akon, get put on blast by a woman on Facebook, accusing the “Soul Survivor” artists of refusing to let black women into their VIP section, and only throwing dollars at white women; Accuses them of saying “No Black Girls” [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer When the hip hop world was still getting to know Young Jeezy, now known as simply, Jeezy, Akon gave him a boost. During the mid-summer of 2005, Jeezy had "And Then What" as his first single. But, it was his Akon-assisted, "Soul Survivor," that put him on

Jasmine Eiland speaks out about her rape, on IG Live, and gets harassed in her comments by people accusing her of lying, forcing her to defend herself #JasmineEiland [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Today, one of the most-bizarre stories ended up becoming headline news. A young woman, Jasmine Eiland, was out partying with friends, at an Atlanta nightclub. While she was partying, she ended up being drugged and raped. The worst part of this whole encounter was that Facebook Live captured