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Fabolous and Emily B are back together? The couple went to #Coachella together, despite the abuse rumors [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Last month, Fabolous was all in the headlines, being accused of abusing Emily B, and threatening her. Some reports claimed all of these accusations were exaggerated. But, there were videos to surface that confirmed those stories. Along with reports about Fabolous facing jail time, things weren't looking

Fabolous responds to reports of his arrest and the rumors of him abusing Emily B, saying “sometimes it is best to be quiet and let God show people”

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer This past week has been tough on Fabolous, as video footage has surfaced of him threatening Emily Bustamante, his longtime girlfriend. It looked like they were a happy couple, just days prior. The two have been together for years and have a nice family unit. However, the video

Damn Fab! Twitter reacts to Fabolous threatening Emily B and her father, saying he’s “got a bullet with your name on it” and fans say Fab is on his own with that one + Say Emily sounded like she was screaming for her life (FULL VIDEO INCLUDED)

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Increasingly, since 2009, Fabolous has been making more news for his personal life, than his music. Because of that, Fabolous has intentionally stayed out of the spotlight. When his girlfriend, Emily B, joined "Love & Hip Hop," Fab did his best to avoid the show. Since her