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Game ft. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne – “F.I.V.E.”

After a long wait, Game released his OKE mixtape today. DJ Skee was the host of the tape and there were plenty of big features. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are a pretty popular hip hop duo and they got back with Game for his track, "F.I.V.E." Listen to "F.I.V.E." by Game

Hip Hop Vibe’s Artist of the Year: Game

By Hardcore Critic Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer In 2012, Game lived up to his name as it belonged to him. Game started 2012 closing out The R.E.D. Album. Kendrick Lamar was already making moves, but when Game chose “The City” as his final single, it opened up new avenues for him. Along

Red Nation: The best of Game, five albums deep

By Hardcore Critic Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer  Eight years ago, the hip hop world was just getting to know Game. At the time, the protege of Dr. Dre was placed in G-Unit to boost his fan base. Great music came from this union, but also friction. Glad to initially be a

Game helps Lil Wayne break Elvis Presley’s Billboard record

By The Hip Hop Writer Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer While 2012 has been a big year for Game, it has not been as big as he initially planned. Initial plans included Game releasing his album, F.I.V.E. (Fear Is Victory's Evolution). However, with several artists preparing 2012 to release their fifth studio

Game changes album title from “F.I.V.E.” to “Jesus Piece”

By The Hip Hop Writer Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Name-dropping has become Game's staple over the past seven years, along with his feud with 50 Cent. Game has gone through many changes throughout his career, but certain characteristics have remained. One is the admiration Game has for producer-turned-rapper, Kanye West. On his

Game talks “Celebration” at video shoot [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer During the time of his VH1 "Behind the Music" feature, Game revealed he had a new album on the way. Three years stood between Game's album releases when he released The R.E.D. Album. Back at the forefront of the rap game, Game