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Rich and Anais … Needless to say #LHHNY fans aren’t feeling this, saying Rich Dollaz is on new levels of creep with this one, plus he’s got diabetes to deal with + Why does he look so oily and greasy?

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The entire run of "Love & Hip Hop" has seen Rich Dollaz on the show, going from one drama to another. Best-known for going back and forth with Erica Mena, Jhonni Blaze, Diamond Strawberry, and many other women also dealt with him. But, Anais is his

Rich Dollaz posts pic of him kissing Erica Mena on the cheek, leading people to believe they are getting back together, but Erica shut all of that down, very quickly #LHHNY [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Watching those old "Love & Hip Hop" episodes, the whole breakup between Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz was dumb. Yes, the couple was a mismatch and they always had an expiration date, but that flyer was a silly reason. Even crazier was how Peter Gunz was

Safaree and this scene with Dream Doll… SMH, he’s really in a new relationship each season, plus he’s trying to get with Erica Mena on #ScaredFamous #LHHNY

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Tonight's episode of "Love & Hip Hop" began with Dream Doll getting back up with Safaree. On the season premiere, the two met, and quickly began dating each other. The two, offscreen, have become much closer. What's hilarious is how "Scared Famous" is also airing, featuring a