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Machine Gun Kelly breaks down Eminem feud, Halsey rumors, Mac Miller’s death, “Binge” EP, and more on #TheBreakfastClub [VIDEO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer A few weeks ago, Eminem shocked the game with his Kamikaze album, but Machine Gun Kelly quickly made it all about him. Seeing some slights on the album, Machine Gun Kelly addressed it. The Cleveland rapper came hard at Eminem with "Rap Devil," his diss track. Machine Gun Kelly

Eminem’s ‘KILLSHOT’ Diss Record Directed At Machine Gun Kelly Breaks Record For Most Streams As Hip-Hop Debut Video On YouTube [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Eminem released his new Machine Gun Kelly diss record 'KILLSHOT' last week and went at MGK hard. Fans of Em were also very impressed and it showed considering the streaming numbers. According to Billboard, YouTube announced that the audio video for KILLSHOT reached 38.1 million views in

Eminem talks Joe Budden diss and Slaughterhouse, saying “I don’t think I made a dime off Slaughterhouse, responds to MGK accusing him of black-balling, saying “I could give a f*ck about your career,” and “Rap Devil is good… for him” | The Kamikaze Interview (Part 2) [VIDEO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Experiencing the levels of success Eminem has enjoyed makes a person in that position a target. Because of Eminem's success, every white rapper is compared to him. Like most, regardless of race, Machine Gun Kelly grew up looking up to Eminem. However, Machine Gun Kelly took offense to

Akon speaks on how he went from “Locked Up” to signing Lady Gaga, finances, investing, and the financial influence of Africa on #DrinkChamps [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Time is really going by too fast, because it's been fourteen years since the debut of Akon, via "Locked Up." That record, featuring Styles P, was a massive hit. It's another run that's gone forgotten, but Akon was the man, 2004-2008. During this span of time, Akon dropped