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Is Will Smith Making A Comeback in Hip Hop?

By Ahsinet Monee Contributing Writer The Fresh Prince returns to music for the first time in 13 years on E! with a hilarious rap song. Plus, see what Will has to say about the divorce rumors. Watch the entire video below: Follow on Instagram @HipHopVibe1.

YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna are back together, as he posts “boo’d up” pic with her to celebrate her birthday, and shuts down fan for making joke about her being his prom date, telling them he already graduated [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Due to his relationship with Blac Chyna, YBN Almighty Jay is one of the fastest-rising stars in the game. Ironically, his journey is a lot like the one Blac Chyna has taken. Usually, women like her rise to fame by doing "Love & Hip Hop," but

Tokyo Toni airs Blac Chyna all the way out and disowns her, calling her own daughter jealous of her natural body, and says the people in California have taken her, demanding them to let her go, and warning them “If anything happens to her, I’ll f*cking go to jail for life” [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Back in 2015, Tokyo Toni began commanding more of the spotlight, when the Tyga/Blac Chyna/Kylie Jenner love triangle became even weirder. As strange as it already was, it became worse, when Chyna and Rob hooked up. It's less awkward, now, with everyone split up. However, Tokyo Toni,

LaToya Jackson suffered from a stroke, according to members of her family, but Brenda Richie says she’s fine and they had dinner last night + LaToya’s half sister shades her in IG video [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Somehow this story has managed to fly under the radar, despite first reports coming two days ago. Members of the Jackson family have been requesting prayers. Fresh off her E! appearance, where she channeled Michael Jackson's spirit, LaToya Jackson is reportedly sick. LaToya Jackson, according to members