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Dwight Howard’s Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Responds to Him Denying Being Gay: “He can continue his rants to protect his image but he knows, like I know, like our lawyers know I HAVE PROOF” [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Dwight Howard’s alleged ex-boyfriend, Masin Elijé, is coming forward to shut down his recent interview in which Dwight denies being gay. In the interview Dwight denies even knowing Masin. Masin tweeted: “None of this will matter in court. He can continue his rants to protect his image but he

Aaron Gordon blasts the NBA media, after not receiving a single vote for the NBA All-Defensive 1st Team, accusing them of only focusing on nationally televised games, and not his strong games on local TV

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Until this season, the Orlando Magic hadn't made the playoffs, since 2012. At that time, Dwight Howard was the franchise player, and actively forcing himself off the team. The team that was left was barely enough to win 20 games. Orlando would be gifted with several talented

Masin Elije speaks out about why she told about her and Dwight Howard, on IG Live, accusing a pastor of threatening her life [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer During the weekend, Dwight Howard ended up becoming the most-discussed topic online. With his team, the Washington Wizards, there are rumors management is looking to trade the entire roster. Naturally, people assumed Howard trending had to do with that. But, since Howard isn't the star he once

Fans on Twitter are calling Drake gay, accusing him of sleeping with transgender woman, Nikita Dragun, after she posts video, claiming she slept with A-list rapper

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Last night, Dwight Howard was being roasted, and now it looks like Drake is the next target. Looking at the dates of the tweets, Drake has been getting his for longer than Dwight was. Different celebrity, but it's the same scandal. Many may remember, earlier this week, Nikita

Masin Elij is facing some backlash on Twitter, as some fans don’t believe her story about Dwight Howard, pointing out how Rubi Rose accused Playboi Carti of also hooking up with Masin, when they split

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Last night, Dwight Howard ended up becoming Twitter's leading trending topic for nearly 24 hours. Word was that Howard had an affair with Masin Elij, a popular transgender model. The two indeed met on the set of MTV's "Wild N Out," where Elij says their relationship

Old clip of Dwight Howard inadvertently sticking his hand between another man’s legs goes viral, after rumors of him with a transgender woman emerge [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer What is sad about this era is that there is more information than ever available, but people use it the wrong way. Tonight, people had a chance to embarrass Dwight Howard, and they took it. Even though there is a lot being said, nothing proves Dwight

Dwight Howard gets outed by a transgender woman, Masin Elije, who EXPOSES the Washington Wizards player, sharing their DMs, accusing him of sexually harassing, threatening, and manipulating her, adding she is afraid for her life; Meanwhile Twitter has jokes about Howard’s buttocks injury, and Royce Reed comments (FULL CONVO INCLUDED) [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer It seems like things have only gone from bad to worse for Dwight Howard, in the eyes of the public. In his actual life, things are likely going fine, but he can't be happy with this news. As of press time, he is the top trending