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YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: Eminem – “We Made You”

By YRS Jerzy Staff Writer Back in 2009, it was different kind of time, one filled with hope and optimism. Many of the changes that took place looked like they were reversing themselves. In music, it meant the snap music era looked like it was on its way out, and the

NWA’s story on “Death Row Chronicles” have fans upset; On Twitter, they are calling them the male version of TLC, after how Jerry Heller did them, debating Dre, Cube, an Doc #DRChroniclesBET

By Ricki Says Staff Writer By now, everybody knows the history of NWA, because they already had tons of documentaries. On top of that, in 2015, Straight Outta Compton, their biopic, premiered. But, Death Row Records, and their controversial founder, Suge Knight, has a new documentary. For the obvious reasons, a story on

Suge Knight had a bright future and a beautiful wife, SMH; Fans on Twitter are disappointed in how Suge missed his chance with the 49ers #DRChroniclesBET

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Tonight, BET continues their phenomenal music programming. Over the past three years, BET has had the best lineup on television. This evening marks the first night of "Death Row Chronicles," a documentary about Suge Knight and his Death Row Records regime. Suge Knight was mentioned, frequently, in

Jimmy Iovine is stepping down from Apple Music in August

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Few record executives have been as influential as Jimmy Iovine, the founder of Interscope Records. In 2014, he left his position with the label, where he was the group chairman, for a role in Apple. There, he was a founding member of Apple Music. Jimmy Iovine came