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Plane Jaymes puts Yo Gotti on blast for cutting him off and not letting him release his music, after finding out he was gay, after previously signing him to CMG [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer In the 2010s, Yo Gotti has managed to establish himself as a star, even though he's been putting out music since 2001. Finally, he gained enough mainstream appeal to land a major deal. Now, Yo Gotti is good for a hit record, every other year, with each

Angela Simmons is still setting thirst traps, out here, and Yo Gotti is still letting her know he’s watching; Angela posts Jacuzzi pic with “act like nobody’s watching” caption and Gotti responds “I am” [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When "Down In The DM" hit, Yo Gotti became the posterchild for men with crushes on Angela Simmons. While Yo Gotti willingly took that position on, plenty of other men also want that position. Viewers of her show, "Growing Up Hip Hop," know that. The early 2000s

#SnapchatDown: My Snapchat is down! Users panic when their Snapchat profiles disappear and they take their problems to Twitter

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Two years ago, DJ Khaled helped make Snapchat into a household name. He is responsible for most celebrities making Snapchat into a popular destination, on par with Twitter and Instagram. Later, the functions of Snapchat were made popular by Yo Gotti. Also, two years ago, Yo Gotti