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Donavan Mitchell (Donovan Mitchell) gets trashed by Twitter for shooting 4 of 22 from the field in a closeout game, as Jazz fans blame him for losing to the Rockets, as they choose Lonzo Ball over him #NBAPlayoffs

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Die hard NBA fans have a love/hate relationship with their favorite teams and their favorite players. In order for a player to become a favorite, normally they have to make a team stand out. Last year, it looked like Donovan Mitchell did that for the Utah

Houston Rockets taunt Utah Jazz, on IG, after beating them for the second straight year in the #NBAPlayoffs, editing the opening clip of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” with CJ being jumped by the Ballas [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Last season, the Utah Jazz were the surprise team of the NBA, among several surprise teams. However, the Houston Rockets were simply the best team in the league. From the beginning, the Rockets set out to prove they were more than their 2017 exit from the

Donovan Mitchell is special, proving himself to have some Kobe in him, according to Twitter, as he stepped up big, late in Game 3, but his play also cost Utah the win, as he missed a clutch shot; #TakeNote fans drag him for taking too many shots, saying he got exposed

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer A year ago, the Utah Jazz were the darlings of the NBA, as they closed the season strongly, ultimately going 47-35. Their second half of the season record was amazing. The Jazz' momentum, plus the emergence of Donovan Mitchell was too much for the Thunder. However, the

Carmelo Anthony and the Oklahoma City Thunder are going to part ways, either via trade or buyout, and fans debate where Melo is headed next … Denver?

By Jay Rich HHV Sports Senior Staff Writer Until the Portland Trail Blazers got swept by the Pelicans, the Thunder were the most-disappointing team, this past season. The Thunder made big moves to convince Russell Westbrook they were serious about building. They traded for Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. No, PG13 and Melo

Ben Simmons wins Rookie of the Year and Twitter isn’t having it, saying the Sixers’ star isn’t even a rookie, and Donovan Mitchell got snubbed, calling him “Rookie of a couple of years” and comparing him to a sophomore joining the freshman team after not making JV #NBAAwards

By G Moniy Staff Writer It's hard to really know how to feel about this, but Ben Simmons isn't the first player like this. The 2010-2011 campaign was considered Blake Griffin's rookie year, because he was injured the season before. Back in the day, David Robinson missed his first two years,