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Lil Pump blasts #Lollapalooza for cutting his set short, calling it “f*ck sh*t,” saying they were mad because his fans were “moshpitting to hard” [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer The Miami hip hop scene has produced tons of legends, over the past three decades. In recent years, Miami has proven to be one of the breeding grounds for new talents. Towards the end of 2017, Lil Pump emerged, from Miami. Lil Pump was one of many viral

Beyonce gets caught off guard, with Mally Roncal, as she was filming Beyonce doing duck lips and kiss faces, and she didn’t know it, with Beyonce saying “oh, wait, this is a video?” [VIDEO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Given the levels of success that Beyonce's had, she is regarded by many as a larger than life figure. Think about how big DJ Khaled came up, when he became her opening act. Khaled became super lit, once he got into Jay-Z and Beyonce's circle. Beyonce is a

HHV Video of the Week: 6ix9ine ft. Nicki Minaj – “FEFE”

By YRS Jerzy Staff Writer This collaboration has people scratching their heads, but this song isn't half bad. But, because of how 6ix9ine has portrayed himself, there are some people who'll never accept him. Then, Nicki Minaj is being counted out, mainly because Cardi B is hot, right now. All of that