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“The Breakfast Club” talks interviewing 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on Fox News and invite Donald Trump to come by, offering him snacks [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Increasingly, "The Breakfast Club" has become more actively involved in politics and community-oriented topics. Some of their best interviews are with politicians and self-made non-celebrity businesspeople. Their political interviews, also, are not only with Democrats. Last year, "The Breakfast Club" interviewed Bob Hugin, the Republican who ran

Angela Rye talks Michael Cohen testimony, Robert Mueller, 2020 candidates, and more on “The Breakfast Club” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Since Trump got in office, Angela Rye has been the official political commentator for "The Breakfast Club." Fans have gotten used to the opening DJ Envy question, about impeachment. Although, recently, he seems to have given up on that happening. Yesterday was a huge development in the Trump

Michael Eric Dyson explains his beef with Cancel Culture, Kamala Harris backlash, and more on “The Breakfast Club” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer During his last promo run, Michael Eric Dyson did his media rounds, and had some powerful interviews. His take on the early days of the current presidency were downright predictions of what would go onto happen. Now, he is back to discuss more politics. Michael Eric Dyson is