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DJ E. Sudd HHV

HHV Exclusive: DJ E. Sudd talks No Stress Gear with DJ Charlie Hustle

DJ E. Sudd HHVBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

An amazing, recent, hip hop story is the rise of 2 Chainz, as he took his entire camp with him from the mixtape level to a partnership with Def Jam. There was once a phrase that was called #NewAtlanta and 2 Chainz is widely considered the leader of it. Among the members of this camp is DJ E. Sudd, a native of North Carolina. Continue reading…

Cap1 – “Move That Dope”

Open BarWorking hard and keeping the TRU brand consistent, Cap1 is preparing his Open Bar mixtape for release. He gets things started off with his own remake of “Move That Dope” from Future, Pusha T, and Pharrell. The Open Bar mixtape is due later this week and DJ Tephlon, DJ E. Sudd, and DJ Iceberg are providing the hosting.

Listen to “Move That Dope” by Cap1 below:

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