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Lil Uzi Vert pulled up on Rich The Kid in Philadelphia, today, and eyewitnesses say Uzi’s team ran him down the street; Rich The Kid responds with a video with his jewelry in tact and face with no scratches, asking “pulled up and did what?” [VIDEOS]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Late last year, many might remember Lil Uzi Vert and Rich The Kid getting into it. The Philly rapper, who is signed to DJ Drama's label, was venting about label issues. Seeing his tweets, Rich The Kid said he should have joined Rich Forever, when he tried

Lil Uzi Vert and DJ Drama get into Twitter beef, after Uzi Vert warns artists about signing with a “rapper or DJ” and “fake sh*t” + Drama says “Lets state the facts” [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Seeing Lil Uzi Vert and DJ Drama going at it isn't as surprising as it may seen. Many may remember, back in 2016, when Lil Uzi Vert was still coming up, Wiz Khalifa announced he signed him. That news was confusing, seeing how DJ Drama and Don

Wiz Khalifa shows off plaque he received for Lil Uzi Vert’s #XOTourLlif3 going triple platinum and takes shots at DJ Drama, asking “why they present it to me though?” [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Last year, Lil Uzi Vert was easily the biggest phenomenon in the whole rap game. He got off to a hot start and definitely helped put DJ Drama and Don Cannon on the map as record executives. However, once he really got moving, Wiz Khalifa announced he