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Migos – “Bankroll”

Probably the biggest breakout artists of the year, Migos are back with more new music. This time, they have given an exclusive to DJ Cortez, DJ Blaze, and DJ Murph. Migos return with their new track, "Bankroll," taken from the upcoming mixtape, Designer Dope 2. Listen to "Bankroll" by Migos below:

DJ Cortez, DJ Blaze, and DJ Young JD – “Migo Lingo”

One of the hottest groups in Atlanta is the Migos movement. They are flooding the mixtapes and have songs with the biggest rappers in the game. DJ Cortez, DJ Blaze, and DJ Young JD have all taken notice of their rise. Now, they have compiled a mixtape in their honor. Migo

DJ Cortez, DJ Blaze, and DJ Plugg – “XXL Freshman”

Another presentation from Mixtape Monopoly, DJ Cortez, DJ Blaze, and DJ Plugg are back at it again. The trio have come together in promotion of XXL's Freshmen series. Now, the three have come together for their mixtape, XXL Freshman. Inspired by the artists who are on the XXL cover, the mixtape boasts songs

DJ Blu and DJ Blaze – “Bricks 2 Billboards 2”

CME and Mixtape Monopoly have come together to present the latest mixtape from DJ Blu and DJ Blaze. The two have united and their new mixtape is called Bricks 2 Billboards 2. An obvious sequel to the initial tape, the project features music from Bow Wow, Chaz Gotti, Zed Zilla, Bloody Jay,