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Memes in Hip-Hop: How Memes Are Helping Artists Reach the Top

In the era of social media networking, advertising has taken many conventional formats with the most popular form appealing to humor through the use of memes. Memes are older than social media as they were cultivated from online forums, and lately, the use of memes in hip hop has proven to

#JamelMyles is being honored by Twitter, as people are demanding to teach children about tolerance, acceptance, controlling their words, and sexuality, as this young fourth grader killed himself, after revealing he was gay, and his classmates told him he should kill himself #RIPJamelMyles

By M.A.C. Staff Writer A lot of times, people say that we should all honor, and look after people, before they do something extreme. But, a lot of these things happen without warning. This young man, Jamel Myles, of Denver, is nine years old, and just started the fourth grade. When school

Offset gets into Twitter beef with @XoCelina187 (Celina Powell), telling her to stop lying on him, but she says she has proof that he’s the father of her child + Demands DNA test [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Dating back to before Christmas, there were rumors of Offset having another woman pregnant. This was around the time the sextape leaked of him with another woman. These "other woman" women were not the same person, however. @XoCelina187, aka Celina Powell, is the woman who was pregnant,

Denver suburban county, Douglas County, is home to the latest shooting, where one person is killed, two civilians have been shot, multiple officers are down, and suspect is thought to be dead

By Ricki Says Staff Writer It seems like every few months, a shooting takes place, which almost takes away from the severity of said events. Each major city has some kind of tragedy impact, every year. Just last week, Washington state was home to a train crash, claiming lives for no