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Rihanna is officially the most-certified artist in digital history

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer When it comes to her career, Rihanna has followed a path that was trailed by Jay-Z, but few have noticed. In 2005, Jay-Z was trying his hand at running Def Jam and Rihanna was among the first signees. It wouldn't be long before Rihanna dropped her

Rihanna causes Snapchat’s stock to plummet, even further, after she said “throw away the whole app-oligy,” referring to their ad dissing her, and their apology

By Ricki Says Staff Writer One thing is becoming abundantly clear, Rihanna is not one to be messed with. Towards the end of her Def Jam run, Rihanna ran into a bit of struggle. This led to a four year hiatus, where Rihanna had trouble scoring a hit record. Rihanna hasn't had

Logic re-signs with Def Jam and his new deal is worth $30 million!

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Evidenced by all the viral music, Maryland is one of the biggest hip hop hot-spots, right now. But, Logic is the one who has had the most-success, from the state. Back in 2013, Logic seemingly came out of nowhere and signed with Def Jam. In the five years,

Juelz Santana ran from Newark Airport after TSA found a gun in his bag and Charlamagne Tha God had the MVP response, saying a Chris Brown “Run It” joke should somewhere in all of this

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer When it comes to Juelz Santana, a lot of people forget how dope he was. Many people write off the Jay-Z era at Def Jam, but they had something in Juelz Santana that stopped before it started. Seeing how it was 2005-2006, a lot of people are